Welcome to KNOW YOUR OPTIONS (KYO) Wellness Center, your one-stop wellness center located in Costa Mesa, behind the John Wayne airport in Orange County.

Founder, Jacob Swilling, Ph.D., says: “Wellness has become an advanced science knowing how to help the body to heal itself.”


KYO Wellness Center

KYO Wellness Center is a one-stop office where clients can receive a wide variety of Natural Health Care ServicesThese services are provided by certified, licensed healthcare practitioners, and by use of wellness devices, such as an infrared sauna.

Our one-stop center offers self-help, support services for those seeking:

  • Natural health care to support medical treatment
  • A healthy life style
  • Youthful aging

Our one-stop center also offers:

  • Wellness care services for: prevention, sports and fitness
  • Wellness information: books, blogs, newsletters and classes
  • Wellness products: supplements and wellness devices